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Shanker Rajput

About us

Media Times Services started out in Delhi, Capital of India. Shanker Rajput carrying work experience since 2001. More than a decade down the line, our team has grown with a lot of practical work experience & handled numerous clients of any or every vertical whether real estate, sme's, corporate etc. We offer outsourcing solutions which effectively answer your business needs, freeing up your resources for core functions. At Media Times Services, we are committed to meeting your process specifications and quality expectations. Our multi-functional teams take pride in doing the job right for you the first time. We aim to forge a long-term business relationship with you, serving your requirements and partnering you on a mutual growth path.

Media Times Services are pioneers in the industry carrying a bunch of expert team members. We as an organization are loaded with all the promotional activities by virtue of what one can reach it's target clients. We provide services related with Website Designing, Adwords Experts, PPC ( pay per click ), Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ), Social Media Optimization ( SMO ), Website Hosting services, Domain Booking, SMS Campaigning, Mobile Applications etc. We Have A Time Selling Concept For Adwords Experts in which we customize your campaign fully and a contract is been signed where in we shall be responsible to run your adwords adwords upon adwords within that time frame enabling you to get rid off the worry whether your campaign is live or not. Within that specific amount we manages our profits also.

  • Adwords is Measurable and Flexible.
  • Faster Than Search Engine Optimizations (SEO ).
  • More Engaging.
  • Can Control Your Advertising Costs.
  • Helps Beat Your Competitors.
  • Because of the speed of AdWords, when compared to SEO, you have a major advantage of your competitors. Because you’ll already be appearing in search engines, your site will be receiving more clicks from search results than all of the other companies in your industry. But, what if you’re competitors are also using AdWords? That’s not an excuse. According to studies, 80% of search results now contain AdWords ad placements. Furthermore, those ad placements are covering as much as 85% of the space above the fold on the results page. This doesn’t just mean that Search Engine is making a hefty profit, it illustrates that AdWords are being used by more and more advertisers. So, the only way to beat them is to join them.

    Building a phenomenal website is only half the picture. To bring traffic to that website, you need high ranking on the major search engines. The SEO exercise tweaks your website so that it becomes both search engine-friendly and visitor-friendly. The consequences of using SEO Services include:

  • Removal or minimization of roadblocks to search engine crawlers(so that search engines encounter no hindrances to the process of indexing your site).
  • Chances of deeper indexing by search engines (i.e., more pages within the site get indexed).
  • Freedom from black hat (unethical).
  • SEO tactics (which means that you need not be concerned about being penalized by search engines and seeing your site drop in rank).
  • Media Times will be your business partner at every step. We engage to stay with you in the long term, working on maintaining the high position your website earns as a result of the initial Search Engine Optimization ( SEO process ).

    Media Times is one of the leading Social Media Optimization Company ( SMO company ) in India, having a young team of experienced professionals who are the masters of Social Media Optimization. Social Media Optimization Services Include:

  • Forum Marketing – This is popularly known as foruming. We help you in becoming an integral part of the most active forums on the internet. We select the forums that are relevant to your industry or niche and your target market.
  • Blog Marketing – Weblogs or blogs have become active, involved communities on the ‘net. Blog marketing is now an effective way to build your online identity and create brand awareness. We target lively, high-quality, relevant blogs.
  • Article Writing and Article Submissions – Article writing and submission is a tried-and-tested tool that establishes your expertise and creates online brand value for your business. We provide you with well-written and well-researched articles that can help you create that much-desired online brand.
  • Online Press Release Writing and Distribution – Press release writing is another powerful tool that can help boost your exposure online. The press release should be engaging and have that "creative punch". We help you create attention-grabbing press releases and distribute them to various news portals.
  • Site navigation & control flow optimization.
  • A client may know their business, but an adwords agency knows about successful advertising. Agencies work with a number of clients across the country or even the world. They likely have a number of clients in similar niches in different locations. This means they’ve already worked out all the kinks in your industry. They have a proven keyword list and know the style of ad that works best. Your campaigns will kick off already optimized.

    Reasons for website designing as follows:

  • Cost Effective.
  • Accessible around the clock.
  • Convenient.
  • Credibility.
  • Sales.
  • Marketing.
  • Bottom Line.
  • Amongst The most experienced team in North India

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